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1 Call - reaches all scrapyards. The 1 Call Find A Part service brought to you by Part Source
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After you have submitted the parts requests you may be called by any of our network members who has the part(s) and will email or call you and make you an offer. Some suppliers may be far removed from you, requiring couriers and making payment before delivery. Part Source cannot vouch for the trustworthiness of the supplier and if in doubt you are welcome to call us on 0861100202 or use our
"Safe Buy" payment method
whereby we will hold your money in trust while the supplier sends you the parts offered.
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Please do not place adverts for parts/vehicles for sale on the above form - the site is solely for people looking for parts. If you wish to sell parts casually you are welcome to use our free service by following the link - http://www.partsource.co.za/SellAPart.asp - if you are a professional parts reseller and wish to make you parts available via Part Source, be so kind as to contact Luke Borg on 086 110 0202 or email me on . We have a whole lot of interesting ideas on how to market parts.